Sudbury Youth Football & Cheer
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Completed paperwork should be dropped off to: Colleen Mazin (Warriors), Emily Russo (Mighty Warriors) or Hailey Martinez (Tiny Warriors)

Please help make this process easier by printing single-sided and do not staple the documents. Paper clips appreciated.

1.Participation, Tracking, and ID Forms -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player •Some but not all information is pre-populated. 

Page 1:  For "division of play - team name," please write; U8 for Mighty Warriors, U10 for Jr. Warriors and U14 for Warriors.

•Please tape or staple a headshot (chest up is fine) of your athlete in the box on the top right of the first tracking page. If your child cheered last year, a picture of them in their uniform is preferable.

Page 2:  Please be sure to add the medical insurance and any other data fields not pre-populated.

2. AYF Code of Conduct Form -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player

3. Waiver and Release of Liability -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player

4. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) / Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form -  signed/initialed by Parent and Player

5. Medical Clearance Form  - You have the option of having your pediatrician fill out this form or we can accept the form letter that some pediatricians prefer to provide. However, in both cases, the form or letter must refer to a 2024 date

The league will not accept a document from a physical exam performed in 2023 or a prior year.  Your child doesn't need to be seen in 2024, but the doctor's determination that your child is physically fit must be dated in 2024.  There is no way around this.

6. Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent and Information – filled out and signed by parent

7. Image Release – MINOR – signed by parent

8. Absentee Form - Signed buy parent.  Please keep the date blank on this one! This form is used in case of illness, injury or any other emergency that prevents your cheerleader from competing at the last minute. In most cases, retrieving a parent signature in that instance is difficult. Having the form signed in advance means we just need to add the date if an issue arises on comp day. We hope to never need this one!!

9. Birth Certificate – (New Players Only!) Please submit a copy with your AYF Player Package Forms.

10. Copy of End of Year report card (spring 2024) - This is to confirm grade level/team eligibility. Please feel free to redact from the report card any information you deem sensitive.